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Leading producer of vegetable based feed with high protein content

Our company

M.I. GORDINI SRL is a family company that operates in the agro industrial sector since 1930.
Currently the production plants are located in Ferrara (FE), in Mantova (MN) which is certified QS.


Customers and markets

MI GORDINI is present in Europe, Asia and North Africa, where provides quality products at absolutely competitive prices to feed factories and local distributors.

We are open to meet all customer needs, regarding the product customization and packaging of their commercial brand.

Feed mill

Our technicians are available for the processing of customized formulas designed to optimize the conversion index of the finished feed.

NIR laboratory

The quality

M.I. GORDINI promotes a careful qualitative process to guarantee its products as much as possible. The constant search for quality is developed through the following methods:

  • creating a quality control, with exclusively dedicated staff
  • using the Quality System EN ISO 9001:2015
  • using the GMP + B3 certification
  • using the QS certification of the production site in Mantova (MN)
  • making use of the main external accredited analysis laboratories (ACCREDIA)
  • making use of an internal NIR laboratory for the constant and daily verification of raw materials and finished products
  • carrying out annually about 300 analyzes in external laboratories
  • applying dynamically the HACCP system


For over 30 years, we produce complementary feeds. We specifically choose the raw materials to create a synergy that generates a unique product, comparable to a new raw material for the high and different nutritional value.
All our products are plant-based, free from animal meal and NO GMOGMO, used for cattle, poultry, aquaculture and pigs.

Sample for analysis

Raw materials

  • by products from the production of aminoacids

Complementary feed

  • with a protein content ranging from 48% and 52%, indicated for cattle and dairy cows
  • with a high protein content ranging from 65% to 74% for all animal species
  • with in addition to a high protein intake, they provide high-quality oils and fats and a high presence of Omega 3 and Omega 6, particularly suitable for the replacement/integration of fishmeal, protein soybean (SPC) and soybean oil
  • with high fat content, suitable for layers, broilers, fish and swine. This presence of oils and fats rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, determines an optimal supply of vitamin E and antioxidants

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M.I. Gordini S.r.l.

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Renzo Gordini
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Luigi Gordini
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Maurizio Poli
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